The DeKalb County Sanitation Division recently introduced automated side-loader collection trucks (ASLs) within its service area. These technologically advanced garbage and recycling trucks are geared toward improved curbside collection efficiency and serviceability; decreased labor, fuel and operational costs; reduced employee workplace injuries; garbage and recycling collection route optimization; and an enhanced ability to serve the Sanitation Division’s ever-increasing customer base.

To ensure the success of this initiative, residents are required to follow a few simple curbside preparation and collection procedures listed below.

  • Place roll carts and other items at the curb, with roll cart handles facing your home and lid openings must face the street.
  • Roll carts and other items should be placed as far away as possible from flower beds, mailboxes, or anything that could impede servicing; vehicles should not block the collection truck’s service area.
  • Roll carts, excess bagged garbage, bulky items and other items placed at the curb should be 3-5 feet apart from each other.

Households with excess garbage on a regular basis are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a large-capacity 95-gallon recycling roll cart for a one-time $15 prepaid fee. For information on this initiative and residents’ responsibilities, including a YouTube demo video outlining required curbside preparation and collection procedures, visit the Sanitation Division’s website here.