Citizens may speak for or against an item that is considered by law to be a zoning ordinance and each side will have ten minutes to present its case. Citizens may also speak for or against an item that is placed on the public hearing agenda but is not a zoning ordinance.

In that case, each side will have five minutes to present its case. In the event there is more than one speaker per side, speakers must divide their time in order to complete their full presentation within the ten-minute time allotment, or the five-minute time allotment. When the buzzer sounds to indicate that time has run out, the speaker will be expected to immediately cease speaking and to leave the podium area. Prior to speaking, please complete a speaker card and present it when approaching the podium. If you have any documents for the Commissioners, please provide 10 copies when approaching the podium.

Seven copies are for the Commissioners and the remaining copies are for the planning director, the county attorney and the clerk. Applicants or citizens speaking in favor of an item shall speak first and applicants in zoning ordinance cases shall have the right to reserve time for rebuttal. Opponents of a zoning ordinance item shall have no right of rebuttal. Once the citizens have finished speaking, staff shall make a recommendation for action to the commission. At this point, citizens are no longer allowed to speak unless called to the podium by an individual commissioner to answer questions or provide information.

When speaking, always talk directly into the microphone and begin by stating your name, address and the name of any organization you represent. Abusive, profane or derogatory language will not be permitted. Holding up signs, clapping and yelling to show support for or opposition to a speaker will not be permitted, but a show of hands or quietly standing will be permitted to show support for or opposition to a speaker’s position.

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