The CDC has designated Georgia IN THE RED for COVID-19!!!
Pay attention!!! The number of COVID cases and deaths continue to rise at a concerning rate, and data shows that a face mask mandate will help the State of Georgia slow the virus from spreading.
We understand that no one especially likes wearing these masks, they are hot, sometimes they burn your face and may take away from your beauty or whatever it may be, but it’s certainly from all indications, it has shown that it works.
At the end of the day, we want to be safe, we want schools and businesses to reopen, we want our lives back. But until there is a viable vaccine that is available, assessible, and maximized, people are going to get sick and die if we do not minimize exposure. So until then… Governor Kemp needs to mandate face masks for people who are out in public.
You can help! Visit to email Governor Kemp or call his office at 404.656.1776 to express your concern and ask him to PLEASE mandate face masks!