Respect Productions LLC, with the support and permits from the DeKalb Entertainment Commission, the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment and The Georgia Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment Office, is preparing to film the feature film, “RESPECT”, on Springdale Road between Ponce de Leon Ave and The By Way on 11/21 (THUR), 11/22 (FRI), 11/25 (MON), and 11/26 (TUES).

To ensure safety, and park the necessary vehicles and equipment for the work, the filming requires several temporary lanes, streets, and sidewalk closures to vehicles and pedestrians. There will be off-duty police officers to ensure the proper flow of traffic while the work is in progress and to assist residents that live on Springdale Road getting to and from their homes.

During the times that the street is open for traffic I.T.C. (Intermittent Traffic Control) will be implemented on Springdale Road.  This will occasionally hold both vehicular and pedestrian traffic for a few minutes at a time.

For questions or concerns contact the DeKalb Entertainment Commission at 404-687-2748.