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Mail ASAP!!! Make Sure Your Vote is COUNTED!!!

Be on the safe side and drop off your advanced voting ballot off at one of DeKalb County’s secured ballot boxes!!!

IF you mail your absentee ballot, your ballot must be received by Tuesday, November 3, 2020 by 7:00 p.m. and NOW it is to late to guarantee this!!!  

Visit here-Check Absentee Ballot Status

Voting in-person (advanced/early or on election day)

DeKalb County has 12 sites distributed across the county for early voting. Early voting is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

If you are a voter with a physical disability or are 75 years of age and older, you do not need to wait in line. Just walk to the entrance and a poll worker will assist you in casting your ballot.

Restrooms are available if needed. Please be sure to wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times. We encourage you to be a good neighbor while waiting in line.

What to bring with you for in-person voting

  • A valid ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or voter identification card
  • A mask to help ensure your safety and the safety of the poll workers and voters around you.
  • Chair, water, and snacks if the location has a long wait line
  • Your absentee ballot if you are wanting to vote in-person instead. If you do not have your absentee ballot, you will need to sign an affidavit stating that you are instead casting your ballot in-person.
Visit here-Need A Ride to the Poll?
Visit here- Find Out the Waiting Time to Cast Your Ballot

Voting on November 3rd? IMPORTANT! Please Read!!!

DeKalb County Elections Board approves Precinct Changes for November 3rd Election.

Many of the previous precincts were used on an emergency basis during the June 9 and Aug. 11 elections, while additional precincts were changed to provide additional space for social distancing and to better accommodate larger crowds.

DeKalb’s Voter Registration and Elections Office is also mailing impacted voters a letter to inform them of the recent change. Additionally, signs will be placed at all previous voting precincts to redirect voters to the new locations.

Additionally, secure ballot drop boxes have been added to the Kirkwood Library and Lithonia City Hall.

Visit here-Find My Polling Location

Alright Super District 6, it is never to early to prepare to vote for one of the most IMPORTANT elections ever! We MUST represent!!! 10% of registered voter participation is not acceptableYour Vote is your Voice!!! This is the democratic way to make CHANGE! There have been many contested races…citizen’s spoke… Incumbents were replaced…

This 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteed and protected a women’s constitutional right to vote.  This historic centennial offers an unparalleled opportunity to commemorate a milestone of democracy and to explore its relevance to the issues of equal rights today.

Continue this movement!!! History continues to be made!  Tuesday, August 11th Presidential Candidate Joe Biden choose Senator Kamala Harris, our first African American/Indian American woman as his Vice President running mate.  We need every vote out here to count! Vote by Absentee Ballot, or Vote in person… Please, just VOTE!

View DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections F.A.Q. Sheet here

Key Dates:

Absentee Ballots are being mailed and received. October 30th is the last day to apply for an Absentee Ballot, but realistically…don’t wait… Applications have to processed, mailed and returned by Tuesday, November 3rd.

You can mail them back or drop them in a drop box immediately. October 30th is only the last day of advance/early voting. Voters will also be able to drop off Absentee Ballots at the advance voting sites until Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00P.

Will I need to apply again for an Absentee Ballot for the November 3rd Election?

If a voter does not meet one of the following criteria or did not indicate that they met the criteria on their original application, they must request a ballot for the Nov. 3, 2020 General/Special Election:

  • Advance Age (65 years or older)
  • Disabled
  • An active member of the United State Military (UOCAVA)
  • A dependent of an active member of the United States  (UOCAVA)
  • A DeKalb County voter living temporarily or permanently overseas (UOCAVA)

Request A  Paper Application and/or Delivery Instructions, Contact Voter Registration & Elections Staff at  404.298.4020

Fillable PDF Of The Official State Of Georgia Absentee Ballot Application—APPLICATION

All you need to register online is a Georgia Driver’s License or Georgia-issued voter ID card!
Then you just:
2️⃣ Follow the instructions included in this post
3️⃣ Submit the form!

Paper Absentee Ballot? Return application:

  • EMAIL: [email protected]
  • FAX: (404) 298-4038
    4380 Memorial Drive Suite 300 Decatur, GA 30032
Oh no!!! What if I make an error on my Absentee Ballot??? 

Many voters are unnecessarily concerned about having ruined their ballots. If it is still possible to tell who you voted for, the DeKalb Voter Registration & Elections will make sure it gets counted.

However, if there is truly a problem, for example if you accidentally voted for the wrong candidate, you can call  DeKalb Voter Registration and Elections at 404-298-4020 to request to have your ballot reissued. They will provide you with an affidavit that you will need to sign first.

You can also turn your ballot in at either Early Voting or Election Day and vote in person if that is what you prefer.

Here is the list of DeKalb County Absentee Drop Boxes. If voting absentee, please consider this as an option over mailing. Last pick up will be 7pm on November 3rd.
For voters’ convenience, DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections Office has secured drop boxes accessible for the purpose of submitting completed absentee ballot applications and ballots,

The drop boxes locations are :

Brookhaven City Hall 4362 Peachtree Rd. NE, Brookhaven, GA 30319
County Line-Ellenwood Library 4331 River Rd., Ellenwood, GA 30294
Sterling at Candler Village 2536 Mellville Ave., Decatur, GA 30032
Voter Registration & Elections   (3 boxes) 4380 Memorial Dr., Decatur, GA 30032
Exchange Park 2771 Columbia Dr., Decatur, GA 30032
City of Stonecrest 3120 Stonecrest Blvd., Stonecrest, GA 30038 
City of Stone Mountain 875 Main St., Stone Mountain, GA 30083
Dunwoody City Hall 4800 Ashford Dunwoody Rd., Dunwoody, GA 30038
City of Doraville 3752 Park Ave., Doraville, GA 30340
City of Tucker 1975 Lakeside Parkway Suite 350 Tucker, GA 30084
Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams 1282 McConnell Drive, Decatur, GA 30033
Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Library 5234 LaVista Rd., Tucker, GA 30084
Clarkston Library 951 N. Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021
Wesley Chapel-William C. Brown Library 2861 Wesley Chapel Rd., Decatur, GA 30034
Decatur City Hall 509 N. McDonough St., Decatur, GA 30030
Lou Walker Senior Center 2538 Panola Rd., Stonecrest, GA 30058

Key Dates to Remember!!!

October 5, 2020 was last day to register and be eligible to vote in the November General Election.

October 12, 2020-October 30, 2020 Advanced (Early) Voting begins for the November General Election and Special Election

DeKalb County’s 12 early voting locations, which includes a former Atlanta Hawks star’s Chamblee training facility, are open this weekend and next, Oct. 17, 18, 24 and 25. Saturday hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday hours are 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

October 24, 2020 Mandatory Saturday Voting for the November General Election and Special Election.

Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot: Received by Fri Oct 30, 2020 *** DO NOTE!!! It takes several days to process and return via mail a requested Absentee Ballot and for the recipient to mail back the ballot in enough time.  If you wait until October 30th to request your Absentee Ballot… you may not have enough time to get your vote counted…

November 3, 2020 Georgia General Election and Deadline to Return Completed Absentee Ballot

Other Useful Links!

Check Your Voter Registration Status—SECRETARY OF STATE’S MY VOTER PAGE

To Check The Status Of Your Absentee Ballot, Please Visit: THE MY VOTER PAGE

**Please do not call or email DeKalb Elections asking if they have received your application or when the ballot will get to you. They are glad to assist with your questions, but if you have already sent in your application, please be patient.**

Who You Will See on Your Ballot:  visit here

November 3rd
DeKalb County Commission District 1 Democrat Robert Patrick will run against Commissioner Nancy Jester                                                  DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox will run against Harold Dennis

City Elections:

Clarkston: Special Election will be held to fill the unexpired term of the Mayor; said term expires December 31, 2021. Former Councilwomen Yterenickia “YT” Bell and Beverly Burks will face off on the Nov. 3 ballot, with the winner serving until the end of 2021.

Voting will take place at the two precincts: Clarkston First Baptist Church Family Life Center at 4007 Church Street, and the Clarkston Community Center at 3701 College Ave, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Any person who is a resident of the City of Clarkston and who is registered at least thirty (30) days prior to this election with the DeKalb County Board of Registrations and Elections as an elector within the City of Clarkston shall be eligible to vote in this election. Deadline for voter registration is October 5, 2020.

Other Important Races Include:
President of the United States: Joe Biden will run against Donald Trump
US Senate: John Ossoff: will run against David Purdue
Public Service Commission District 1: Robert G. Bryant will run against Jason Shaw
Public Service Commission District 1: Daniel Blackman will run against Lauren Bubba McDonald, Jr.
US House District 4: Representative Hank Johnson, Jr. will run against Johsie Cruz Ezammudeen
US House District 5: (will have a special election on September 9th) to run against Angela Stanton-King
US House District 6: Representative Lucy McBath will run against Karen Handel
State Senate District 40: Sally Harrell will run against Gary Guan
State Senate District 41: Kim Jackson will run against William Park Freeman
State Senate District 43: Representative Tonya Anderson will run against Melanie Williams
State Senate District 44: Representative Gail Davenport will run against Benjamin Brooks
State House District 79: Representative Michael S. Wilensky will run against Andrea Johnson
State House District 80: Representative Matthew Wilson will run against Alan Cole
State House District 93: Representative Dar’Shun Kendrick will run against Hubert Owens, Jr

What About the Referendums? You decide… Here is my take…

Vote the Ballot from the Bottom Up! 

Two Proposed Constitutional Amendments, State-wide Referendum, and Special Election DeKalb County, Ethics Question

These four measures passed the Georgia  House and Senate with Overwhelming Support and we ask for your support! 

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1:  Dedicating Tax and Fee Revenue Amendment (HR 164) 

Restore the Trust Fund and Reduce Hazardous Waste!
#TrustFundHonesty   #PutTrustBackInTrustFund

“yes” vote supports authorizing the Georgia Legislature to dedicate tax or fee revenue to the public purpose for which the taxes or fees were imposed. 

It sounds crazy, but currently, millions of dollars in state fees, such as for Hazardous Waste or Solid Waste, are often diverted to the General Fund.  Georgia law has never allowed dedicated funds – it has left us to the good will of the General Assembly to allocate the funds.  “Powers that be” (such as Budget writers and Governors)  have prevented this amendment in prior sessions, but in honor and memory (unofficially, of course!) of the beloved bill sponsor Jay Powell, this measure was allowed to move forward.  Currently, state fees are like taxes, and put into the general fund budget.

Please vote yes on this amendment, so that, as Senator Chuck Hufstetler said at a Sept. 9 hearing:  “When people pay a $1 fee when they buy a new tire, the $1 should go to cleaning up scrap tires!”

And Jesse Demonbreun-Chapman, executive director of the Coosa River Basin Initiative: “[The amendment’s] passage represents an important step toward cleaning up Georgia. These funds … were created to pay for the cleanup of illegal tire dumps and abandoned hazardous waste sites. If voters approve this amendment in November, we will finally have the ability to protect these funds and start cleaning up blight properties across the state.”

Amendment 2: Allow Residents to Seek Declaratory Relief from Certain Laws Amendment (HR 1023)
Give Keys to the Courthouse Back to the People. If government is not following the law, there should be recourse for the people. Speed up review of constitutional statutes“yes” vote supports waiving the state’s sovereign immunity and allowing residents to seek declaratory relief from state or local laws that violate the Constitution of Georgia, the U.S. Constitution, or state law.This measure would waive state and local government sovereign immunity for non-monetary claims alleging that the government has violated the Constitution or state law or is otherwise acting beyond its authority. This waiver would apply to claims arising on or after January 1, 2021. Damages and attorney’s fees would not be available as a part of such lawsuits.  For more information, read here and here.
Statewide Referendum
Establishes a tax exemption for certain real properties owned by charities (HB 344) 

One Small Step for Affordable Housing!
A “yes” vote gives charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity the ability to devote more resources to building affordable housing.

From bill sponsor, Matthew Gambill, “If the voters of Georgia approve the referendum in November then 501C3 non-profit organizations whose mission is solely to build and finance affordable homes at 0% interest loans would have any vacant lots in their possession exempted from Ad Valorem (property) tax.  This will help further the mission of organizations like Habitat for Humanity and others by allowing them to direct the dollars saved from ad valorem tax to constructing affordable houses.  During the great recession a lot of individuals donated vacant lots to Habitat to get rid of them since no one was building at that time.  Habitat graciously accepted those lots but they accumulated quite a few statewide which resulted in property tax being owed by Habitat.  While the tax was not a lot it did add up.  If the referendum passes, once Habitat constructs a home on the vacant lot and it is deeded over to the new homeowner, the new home including lot will go on the tax digest at Fair Market Value just like under regular scenario.  This is one small step to work towards addressing the affordable housing issue we have statewide.”

Special Election DeKalb County, Ethics Question

Shall the Act be Approved which revises the code of ethics for DeKalb County? (HB 1243)

Vote Yes for Ethics!  Good News for DeKalb! A Yes Vote is an Ethical Vote

A “yes” vote re-establishes the DeKalb Board of Ethics, which has been dormant since summer of 2018, when the State Supreme Court ruled the board appointment process was unconstitutional.

In this legislation,

  • Only constitutionally elected officials appoint ethics board members (DeKalb House delegation appoints three, Senate appoints three, Tax Commissioner appoints one, and Clerk of Superior Court appoints two alternates.)
  • The Board of Ethics remains independent – no one under the purview of the Board of Ethics is making appointments to the board
  • DeKalb employees continue to have direct access to the ethics office to express concerns about ethics violations
  • The position of Ethics Officer is retained, and the Ethics Officer is still vested with the authority to investigate and file ethics complaints
  • The position of Ethics Administrator, selected by the Board of Ethics, will handle the administrative duties relating to any ethics complaint, including the filing and reporting of complaints to the Board.  The Board will then determine if further investigation by the Ethics Officer is needed.
  • The Board’s authority to investigate and report to the public has not been weakened.
  • Employees of DeKalb’s Purchasing and Contracting Department cannot accept any gifts of value from companies that do business with DeKalb.

To learn more, please visit the DeKalb Citizen’s Advocacy Council, which is in favor of this legislation, (and advocated against the 2019 ethics referendum), and read this AJC article.