Open Streets Emory Village hosted and produced a successful 8th Annual OSEV! The “Dogs from a Distance” virtual competition had 14 entries (17 dogs and one wannabe… a kitty cat). The judges were Sen. Elena Parent, Reps Mary Margaret Oliver and Becky Evans, and DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader.  Commissioner Gannon was sorry that she was out of town and could not participate in the event as she has done every year.

She is sharing the funny little video that the “host/emcee” Jonah McDonald, the park ranger and naturalist at Mason Mill Park, put together that features all the dog participants and promotes the how wonderful Emory village is.

Below is a list of the team that Commissioner Gannon would like to recognize for their efforts…

Mark H:  All around support

Marlene, Sarah, Neil:  Marketing (outstanding transition to web and social media)

Cynthia:  Architect Walk

Sally:  River Walk and Ducks

Megan:  5K

Marlene and Mark:   Dogs

Yvette:  Merchant appreciation and all around coordination

Todd:  Yoga

Anna:  Gymnastics (casualty of Covid)

Jean and Todd:  Banners

Historic Bike Ride:   Becky, David ,Van and Jean

David P:  Marketing

Neil:  Music

Don and Mark:  Cluetown

Don and Yvette:  Wire hanger sculpture contact

Todd:  Supreme oversight

Abby:   Behind and in the scene to make sure everything happened

Kudos and congrats!!! Well done and we look forward to OSEV 2021!!!