As one of our project stakeholders, we wanted to let you know our recent Public Information Open Houses (PIOHs) for the I-285/I-20 East Interchange attracted more than 235 members of the public. A number of comments were received and are currently being reviewed by the project team. If you were able to attend, we appreciate you taking the time and effort to learn more about the project. If you were unable to attend and would like to view the PIOH materials, please visit the document library on the project web page.

The I-285/I-20 East Interchange Project focuses on traffic flow and safety improvements to the busy I-285/I-20 East Interchange and along I-20 to the east and connects residents and businesses in our community with metro Atlanta’s interstate system.


Public Comment Period Closes 12/9
If you would like to view the PIOH materials, please visit the document library at the project web page. You can submit comments or general feedback online or in writing until 11:59 p.m. Monday, December 9.
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Georgia GDOT will povide regular updates through the project website, social media, newsletters, media announcements, and community outreach events. By bookmarking the project web page to phones/tablets and computers, area residents and travelers can stay updated throughout the project duration.

Project representatives are also available to speak to groups. A speaker’s request form is available at the project web page. To be added to the project distribution list to receive updates, please email [email protected] or call the project hotline at 470-407-9167 to leave a voicemail.