Where Is the Second Wave of Flu?
Earlier last year, tests showed that the most common strain of flu virus was H1N1. Almost 70 percent of the tests to date identified that strain. Now, however, the H3N2 strain is becoming more common. In March 2019, about 60 percent of the influenza tests revealed H3N2. That is the same strain that caused such a terrible flu season last year. The southeastern states are being hit especially hard with this second wave of flu.

Avoiding the Flu: 
Both strains are covered in last year’s flu vaccine, and experts report that the flu shot reduced the number of cases that needed medical attention by 47 percent. With a second wave of flu underway, it’s still not too late to request a vaccination. It does take about two weeks before the vaccine results in a good immune response, however.

Don’t Share the Flu Virus:
If you come down with symptoms of fever, cough, congestion and muscle aches, stay home so you don’t spread the germs around.

Once again, if you haven’t…get the flu shot. Our DeKalb County Board of Health provides flu shots and no appointment is required.  Visit here for locations and other services provided. Please protect your family and colleagues!