The list of major retailers that are requiring customers to wear masks inside is growing.

The stores, ranging from coffee shops to grocers, are enforcing face coverings in their establishments.

Here’s the businesses that have these rules in place.

Apple has been requiring customers and employees to wear masks since May.

Best Buy is requiring customers and employees to wear face coverings, and if you don’t have one they will provide it.

Costco members and guests are being made to wear face coverings. The only exceptions are for those who are under the age of 2 or people with a medical condition preventing them from doing so.

CVS Starting on Tuesday, July 21is enacted a face-covering policy that went into effect on Monday.

Lowe’s face covering rule went into place for customers on Monday. Free masks will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Home Depot.customers are being encouraged to wear non-medical masks

Publix began requiring patrons to wear face coverings on Tuesday.

Kohl’s started making customers wear face coverings on Monday.

Kroger began mandating the wearing of face coverings on Wednesday.

Sam’s Club began enforcing face coverings for customers on Monday.

Starbucks requires facial coverings in all of their locations.

Target guests will be required to wear face coverings starting Aug. 1.

Trader Joe’s requests that customers wear face coverings.

Verizon customers are required to wear face coverings.

Walmart began enforcing the wearing of face coverings in stores.

Walgreens began requiring face masks to be worn by patrons on Monday.

Whole Foods began making customers wear face coverings on Monday.